Our history

The history of the Local Initiatives Factory Association is the history of individual places and the changes they have undergone.

This history is relatively short, if perceived in the categories of time and compared with the long and turbulent history of the Upper Silesia, the region where we mainly concentrate our activity. But at the same time it is long, when measured by the results of our actions; the best example of which is a considerable change which Nikiszowiec estate has experienced.

We are fascinated with little histories – from the perspective of individual human beings and their communities, the space surrounding them and its tradition, culture and history. Hence, we see the greatest potential in the local – in small communities, living in their own districts and housing estates, which are able to fundamentally transform their lives. It is in Nikiszowiec, where we have been continuously working for many years, that we have discovered this incredible power of locality. But our history does not stop at this estate; we also work with small communities in other parts of our region. And our main aim is TO GIVE SPACE for development.

The members of our association help to diagnose problems, seek the potential for development and show the way of change. We eagerly share our experiences at the meetings in other parts of Poland, as well as with the representatives of local governments, university or business, who visit Nikiszowiec. What is more, we actively participate in building good revitalization practices in Poland.